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Welcome to our exclusive community, where members access our award-winning comprehensive college planning system. Our offerings include live and on-demand college success coaching, live scholarship coaching, and curated resources from our college planning experts. This affordable subscription unlocks our complete platform, providing invaluable tools and guidance to support your child's journey toward a successful future, all without straining your budget. 

Join us today and give your child the edge they need for college and beyond.

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Success Stories

Emily S."College Bound Parenting transformed our approach to college planning. The courses and live coaching sessions were invaluable, helping my daughter secure a full ride scholarship. We're grateful for the guidance and support!"

James T."Walter Pearson's expertise is unmatched. Thanks to the College Bound Parenting system, my son received multiple full scholarship offers. The personalized coaching made all the difference."

Monica A."The comprehensive planning system provided clarity and confidence. With the help of College Bound Parenting, my daughter navigated the admissions process seamlessly and earned a full ride scholarship."

Richard L."The resources and coaching offered by College Bound Parenting were crucial in our college journey. My son is now attending his dream school on a full scholarship. Highly recommend!"

Laura M."We felt supported every step of the way. The live coaching and detailed courses were instrumental in helping my daughter get a full ride scholarship. College Bound Parenting is a game-changer."

Nina G."Walter's program gave us the tools and confidence to succeed. My son's acceptance with a full scholarship is a testament to the effectiveness of College Bound Parenting."

Tom B."The structured approach and expert advice provided by College Bound Parenting ensured my daughter was well-prepared. She received a full ride scholarship, and we couldn't be happier."

Sarah H."Navigating college admissions was daunting, but the courses and coaching from College Bound Parenting made it manageable. My daughter received a full scholarship thanks to their support."

Kevin W."The College Bound Parenting system was instrumental in my son's college success. The comprehensive guidance led to a full ride scholarship, and we are eternally grateful."

Lisa R."I can't thank College Bound Parenting enough for their amazing support. Walter's coaching and the detailed planning system helped my daughter achieve a full ride scholarship. It's the best investment we made."

Georgia Tech / Full Ride Scholarship

"We are thrilled that our son will be attending Georgia Tech this fall! College Bound Parenting's Premium coaching provided invaluable guidance and support throughout the college planning process. Their expertise helped us navigate scholarship opportunities secure more scholarship monies than the cost of attendance and we are overjoyed." The Brown Family, Columbia Md

Meyerhoff STEM Scholars, UMBC

"Thanks to College Bound Parenting, our son got accepted into UMBC Meyerhoff STEM Program. The coaching sessions were incredibly insightful, and we learned the importance of early preparation. Our son's confidence and interview skills improved significantly, leading to this incredible opportunity at his dream school."

Spelman College

"Our daughter's acceptance to Spelman College was a dream come true! College Bound Parenting's comprehensive coaching helped us find the right scholarships and financial aid options. We are proud that she's going to an institution that aligns with her values and aspirations."


"College Bound Parenting played a pivotal role in our son's acceptance to Dartmouth! The coaching on crafting impactful college essays and showcasing his strengths effectively made all the difference. We are excited for his bright future at such a prestigious institution."


"With the support of College Bound Parenting, our daughter is headed to NYU! Their team made the complex college application process manageable, and we found a scholarship that eases the financial burden. We couldn't be happier with the outcome!"

University of Maryland, College Park

"Our son will be attending the University of Maryland, College Park, and we owe a huge thanks to College Bound Parenting. Their personalized guidance helped us secure valuable scholarships, making his education debt-free and filled with opportunities."

Duke University

"We are beyond proud that our daughter will be attending Duke University this fall! College Bound Parenting's coaching gave us clarity on how to position her for merit-based scholarships. It's a dream come true for our entire family!"

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

"Our journey with College Bound Parenting led our son to UNC. The coaching sessions were inspiring and taught us the importance of building a strong application. Our son's dedication, coupled with College Bound Parenting's guidance, made this milestone possible."

Emory University

"Emory University here we come! Thanks to College Bound Parenting's expert coaching, our daughter had a well-crafted college application that stood out. The scholarship opportunities presented to us were instrumental in funding her education."

University of Michigan

"We are delighted that our daughter will be attending the University of Michigan's Ph.D. program! College Bound Parenting's continued support, even through graduate school, has been a game-changer. Their expertise helped us navigate the financial aspect and secure a bright future for our daughter."


Walter M. Pearson, CEO of College Bound Parenting and College Success Coach

Walter M. Pearson is the visionary CEO of College Bound Parenting and a dedicated College Success Coach. With a passion for empowering parents and students, Walter has devoted his career to guiding families through the intricate college admissions process. His expertise stems from years of hands-on experience and a deep understanding of educational pathways. Walter's innovative programs and strategic insights have helped countless students achieve their academic dreams, making college more accessible and affordable for families nationwide. His leadership and commitment continue to inspire and transform the lives of those he serves.