7 Things Parents Can Do To Prepare Their Children For a Debt-free College Education

The college planning webinar will introduce parents to effective planning strategies to prepare their children for scholarship acquisition and college admission.

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Recommended for parents of 6th-11th graders

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Are you worried about paying for your child’s college education?

If so, you are like many parents who struggle to overcome obstacles related to sending their children to college. Parents save, hope, and pray that their children will have access to the financial resources needed, to attend the best fit college, and to achieve their dreams.

Through College Bound Parenting’s, college planning & organizing system, parents gain access to the blueprint for successfully guiding students to college and scholarships.

The Free College Planning webinar details a systemic approach to college planning and illustrates how this proven system provides parents and students with a model for success!

Here's what is covered in the webinar:

  • How to start the college planning process when your child is in middle school.
  • How to cultivate a college prep team to support your child in all areas of the college planning process.
  • How to build an excellent student profile and accentuate key elements to increase competitiveness.
  • How to locate and compete for scholarships, academic scholar programs, and selective colleges.
  • How to leverage college assistance programs to advance your child's academic goals.
  • How to manage the college & scholarship application process and seamlessly scale up the number of colleges and scholarships targeted.
  • How to prepare your child for standardized testing for college admissions (SAT, ACT, etc).

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