About Us


College Bound Parenting is a college preparatory social networking platform that provides parents with effective planning strategies to prepare their children for securing scholarships and college admissions.

Our mission is to reduce the college graduation gap between underrepresented minorities and white students and create a college–success culture for the families we serve, - which we affectionately call, "The Village".

Because it Takes a Village

College Bound Parenting (CBP) is more than a college preparatory company, we are a village of parents sharing our journey as we guide our children to a debt-free college education. We are led by team of college planning experts who have over 150 years of combined experience working with students and families in the college admission and scholarship processes.

What you get in The Village

College Planning | Group Coaching

Engaging group coaching sessions that guide families through the journey to find a best-fit and affordable college. Sessions are delivered per grade level (6th-12th grade and undergraduate college students) and facilitated by our team of professional college planning coaches and independent educational consultants. A live webinar series will bring experts in the field to present to the community on current topics and relevant issues. All group coaching sessions and webinars are recorded and available on-demand.

Scholarship Coaching

CBP Scholarship Academy helps students work towards a debt free education using tested tools and search tactics to apply to and win scholarships. Students can participate in weekly sessions with our team of scholarship coaches to receive support, feedback, and advice on how to quickly find scholarships, write competitive essays, and submit the best applications possible. All participants will apply to at least 100 scholarships.

Essay Coaching & Essay Review

Our application essay coaching is a fully integrated approach that combines instruction, brainstorming, and feedback. Coaches help students focus on content, structure, and voice to write essay's that standout and spotlight their strengths.

Test Prep (ACT / SAT / PSAT) Online Course

Students have unlimited access to both ACT and SAT prep courses. The self-paced program affords students the opportunity to invest their time and effort based on their personal schedule. There is a total of 25 hours of preparation (each for ACT and SAT) that can be spread out over weeks, months, or even a year. Each comprehensive lesson is followed by a short quiz to practice the strategies learned. All quizzes offer immediate feedback including video, audio, and written explanations. Students can also utilize personalized quizzes that are based on concepts specifically challenging to them. An ever-important vocabulary builder is included as well.

Parent Community

The Village is a private social platform where members access college planning and scholarship resources, share information and insights, and benefit from a shared journey.

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